Hair Journey

What kind of “B” are you?

The “Be Bad” girl is young, hip, edgy, independent and artistic. She thinks of her appearance as a form of creative self-expression. She loves to dress up in the hottest trends while adding her unique sense of style into her outfit. Despite her youth, she is a girl you can’t just mess around with. She is as badass as can be. In her spare time, she loves to hang out with her friends and isn’t afraid of trying new things. She is a go-getter, who gets what she wants when she wants it.  


The “Be Bold” girl is mature, self-sufficient, established and successful. She takes pride in her appearance and knows her own value. She takes on trends that suit her and she is comfortable in her own skin. She does things efficiently and makes the most out of her time to pursue her passions. Always on the go, she has developed an ingenious routine for looking great every day. Even when afflicted with stress or sickness, nothing can stop her from looking her best. 

The “Be Beautiful” girl has a beautiful soul that has a constant desire to help others. When she is not managing her business or working in her successful career, she engages in philanthropy and supports charity events. She knows her beauty within and tries to show it to the world by caring for her physical appearance. She advocates the movement of women all over the world in tapping into their beauty.